Can tap water be used to cleanse acne ?

29 Januari

Apakah air kran dapat digunakan untuk membersihkan jerawat?

If you can't find the cause of a pimple on your face that keeps appearing. Just relax and think of the water you use every day.

Most of us use industrial water that is cleaned and filtered by special machines, often called tap water. Press water if it does not meet the composition requirements and the level of impact when people use it. However, this indicator mainly ensures that we are not poisoned, does not affect the intestines or digestion, but there is no basis to confirm that it does not harm the skin.
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Actually, your tap water - your daily cleanser has the amazing ability to create a direct effect on your skin. Of course, this effect can cause acne or not depending on the moisture content after screening, the skin of the individual skin as well as all other external factors or medical environment.

Tap water classification

Often, tap water is classified into two types: hard water and soft water.

Hard water is more likely to cause acne.

Hard water contains magnesium and calcium and many other metal chemicals, so high-quality hard water can damage the epidermis outside the skin, making skin thinner on the day. More inflammation and acne are also more likely to occur.

Clean water is safer than hard water

If tap water is clean, it is almost certainly not the cause of acne. Water is filtered carefully over tap water to remove metal compounds usually found in high concentrations in hard water.

What water do you use?

Accurate testing is needed to ensure the softness of tap water. However, there are some simple signs that can help you realize that your house's water is hard or soft. In particular, if the water is hard, you will often see the crust of white crust on the tap, sink or bathtub.

You can also see your home kettle or use it. Long hard water will make thin thin clay on the wall or the bottom of the kettle. It's easy to pick them up and destroy them easily.

Water treatment

It is best to use carefully filtered tap water to wash your face every day. As clean as possible, a filter system capable of removing heavy metals is even better.

Otherwise, natural cleaners can be used to remove contaminated metal in water.
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Lemon or cucumber juice is a simple suggestion in this case.

Tap water will also dry your skin, so it should also be combined with natural lotions after each cleansing and cleaning with lemon or cucumber.

If possible, apply a mask of honey or honey coconut oil as the best.

If tap water is actually used as a cause of disease, the skin cleansing or stabilizing method will be effective after 2 months. You will find the number and intensity of pimples that appear to increase significantly.

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