What is toner and what are the benefits of Toner?

28 Januari

If you often use makeup or learn about beauty, then surely know or imagine what toner is. If you know nothing about toner, read the following article and you will know almost all the important things to know about toner.

In addition, in this article we will guide methods on how to use the most popular toner to achieve the highest efficiency.

What is toner?

Apa itu toner dan Apa manfaat dari Toner?

Toner is a cleansing water that is used exclusively for the skin. Yes, the tap water that you wash every day can also be called toner. But it's light and if the toner isn't accurate. Precisely toner is deep cleansing water for your skin.

Usually applied after cleaning, after make up, so you can imagine deep cleaning levels when using toner. In short, toner is the last step in cleaning the skin to ensure a clean finish for your beloved skin.

Important note: If you experience problems with zits, don't forget to use toner. The problem with acne is that the pores that are not clean and clean are currently the main effects of toner.

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What is the content in Toner?

Toners help cleanse deep dirt, cosmetics, excess oil on your skin. Actually, there are many types of toner that are sold in the form of commercial cosmetics that are widely used by women especially to get rid of make up and usually this type of toner contains certain cleaning agents that damage skin cells from the inside. However, toner is also known in various other forms that we will learn more about in this article.

Toner made from natural ingredients

Toners can be made from natural, pure and natural ingredients. Most of them are formed by extracting from certain natural ingredients and combined with other natural oils.

Depending on the intended use, there is a homemade toner formula. Moisturizing toner, refreshing toner, softening toner, or toner only for cleaning purposes.

What is a good toner like?

Toner must first ensure absolute security for the skin when used under normal conditions or being used continuously every day.

Therefore, toner must be natural. I don't want to say much about cosmetics that are commercially available. Just conclude a sentence from a personal point of view:


Everything is up to you. Furthermore, a good toner besides safety must fulfill its responsibilities. Cleansing in a good Toner can remove dirt, cosmetics and excess oil on the skin.
  • Beyond Cleaning: good toner must meet the original production goals. For example, you need a toner moisturizer for dry skin, it must be able to moisturize well. You need toner that fills the pores, so make sure your skin is smooth after use.
  • Little or no good side effects: Some types of toner, although very effective, but can cause dry and cracked skin problems. Toners can also cause allergic reactions or unwanted infections.
How to use the right toner?

s mentioned, toner is the last step in cleaning the skin. So you should apply it twice a day at the following times:
  • Afternoon before going to bed, after cleaning your face. Apply a warm towel on your face, then apply with a cold towel before using a large cotton fabric to apply toner to the entire skin.
  • Use the same method but change the time in the morning after waking up to remove excess oil that is excreted at night.
How to make toner yourself at home

You can make your own toner at home, and this is also the most effective way to have good toner for the right purpose. And this is the toner that you must choose:

1. Honey toner for all skin types

This is a popular toner that is suitable for all skins, it should be highly recommended for girls who are lazy or don't want to have too many choices and then wonder so they don't do anything.

  • Green tea leaves are quite suitable for small teapots.
  • Half a teaspoon of honey.
  • A few drops of essential jasmine oil or rose or lavender ...
How to make :
  • the water boils in warm water and wait for 5 minutes. Then pour a glass or bowl of clean water.
  • Add honey and stir.
  • Wait until the water cools, continue to add oil to the cup and continue to mix.
  • Then use it.
Note: Because lemon juice is contained in the ingredients, it is best to only use toner at night before going to bed.

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In addition, toner commission is very popular, but most of the rose toner formulas must be combined with pure alcohol, so we do not recommend that you not use those mentioned in this article. If you want to make rose toners then look at other sources offline ! Good luck !.

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