What is Detox and what are the benefits of detox?

29 Januari

If you are interested in the trend of beauty care, you will see that there is a new beauty trend called DETOX. Then what is DETOX? How does it work?

Apa itu Detox dan apa manfaat detox?

All concepts about DETOX and how they work will be discussed in this article, but it takes about 5 minutes to read and understand.

What is DETOX?

In short, DETOX is detoxifying our body from within. You can divide DETOX into "DE" and "TOX". In it, "DE" takes off and "TOX" poisons.

However, using the DETOX method is not about using detoxifying drugs or foods.
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The human body naturally has a very effective purification and detoxification system. But because of many factors that work poorly or too many poisons in the body, this system does not work.

DETOX is a method to help the detoxification system available in the body to work better with higher efficiency.

This includes :
  • Reduce the amount of toxins in your body every day.
  • Providing nutrients or special compounds that promote detoxification systems to work more effectively.
Benefits of DETOX

Many people think DETOX is a method for losing weight primarily. But not so. Detox only helps eliminate harmful toxins through a rather strict diet. And it's common for people to combine this diet with weight loss at the same time. Therefore, it is clear that detox can also be used to gain weight or skin if desired.

Life is more civilized, we are very aware of the cleanliness of the body. Why do you brush your teeth every day? Maybe because we feel "dirty, itchy, bad smell", the rest because the habit is formed from a baby.

This is another view of DETOX, where you use detoxification for the body outside the body such as teeth, skin, hair.

External organs are often more easily observed with the eyes or senses than internal organs. Often, we are very conscious of cleaning the outside of our body while forgetting that the vital organs in the body also need to do the same.

The biggest reason is that we don't really have problems with the liver, kidneys, stomach and symptoms of related diseases.

If you regularly detox the body, you use a method of preventing dangerous diseases in a very effective way.
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We know what DETOX is and the benefits of DETOX. Thus, it is easy to know why DETOX is needed for a healthy, beautiful body from the inside out.

In the next article, we will discuss the most effective detoxification methods to reduce or gain weight, beauty treatments or healthy hair! So hopefully the article above can help you understand what Detox is more clearly.

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