7 Steps to make homemade rosewater

24 Januari

Rosehips are very popular for tightening pores, effective in stretching the skin naturally and reducing the effects of wrinkles or black spots that occur in the aging process.

Rose water is also a powerful cleanser that safely removes dead skin cells. It also helps reduce inflammation, redness caused by any cause that directly forms damage to your skin. It helps balance pH, prevent and treat zits with amazing effects.

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In addition to special effects for women in body care, rose water is also used in cooking and processing foods that give sweetness to food.

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By the way, have you been able to find out the unexpected benefits brought by rose water. You can buy rose water in large supermarkets, cosmetics stores are now easily available. Making homemade rosemary is the best way to get this magical water.

The composition of commercially available rose water often has a large amount of diluted alcohol and reduces the quality of its water, which is not to mention the origin of rose water containing more toxic chemicals that can seriously damage the skin or user's health.

You can make homemade roses with the method below very simple and easy. You don't need raw materials or chemicals that are hard to find, nor do you need special and complex tools.

The raw material needed to make rose water

  • Red roses from 5 to 10 cotton depending on demand.
  • Pan with glass cover.
  • Cold Ice Cube about 1 pan.
  • Gas stove or kitchen stove as long as it can be lit.

    Step to make rose water yourself at home

    • Take rose petals, wash gently with cold water and avoid packaging.
    • Pour clean water (preferably rainwater) into the pan, place a small bowl floating on the water.
    • Sprinkle all the rose petals on the water and around the mouth of the bowl.
    • Squeeze it back so that the top of the vung (now facing down) goes directly to the mouth of the bowl.
    • Turn on the fire, turn it off immediately after boiling water.
    • Pour cold ice cubes over the pan, replace the ice cubes regularly so that the environment stays cool.
    • After about 40-50 minutes lift the bowl out.

      Mechanism: The temperature of the stove helps warm and evaporate the available water from rose petals, the momentum of light water rises and attaches to the surface of the pot. The cooling above helps cool and condense into liquid. This water is mostly rose water, follows the slope with the pot upside down and flows into the bowl in the pot.

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      Now, your bowl filled with pure rose water, cooled and put in a dark pan and then stored in the cooler or freezer compartment and used at any time.

      Actually, you can immediately remove the flower petals into the water and then use the solution as runny rose water. You must use a canvas filter to remove dirt.

      The method above is an advanced method for making your own rose water at home to get good, pure rose water.

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