7 ways to use coconut oil for beauty care

23 Januari

The fact is that there are dozens of beauty treatments that use coconut oil many times more effectively than expensive cosmetic products.

Coconut oil is one of the most popular beauty ingredients today. And it is very effective if you use it for skin care for several weeks of use.

7 cara menggunakan minyak kelapa untuk perawatan kecantikan

There are many ways to make coconut oil. You can only use coconut oil or combine it with other natural ingredients. Each recipe has a different effect.

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In this article, you will learn all the simplest and most effective ways to make homemade coconut oil and how to use coconut oil.

7 ways to use coconut oil for beauty care

Here are the instructions, find the formula you are looking for and start trying right now!

1. Body scrub with coconut oil

The fact is that you can use coconut oil alone as a whole body lotion especially to moisturize dry skin in winter. This is one of the most popular coconut oils.

The average fatty acid chain in coconut oil is very strong in maintaining moisture in your skin by making protective films that prevent moisture from coming out and smoothing the skin at any time. Use.

Usage :
  • Take one teaspoon of coconut oil, pour it into your palm.
  • Rub two hands to warm coconut oil and massage into the skin to moisturize.
  • You only apply to the skin of the face and the entire skin of the body.
  • There will be a little stickiness at first, but try to hold on a little. Leave it at least 20 minutes before you want to clean it.
  • The best way is to use it before going to bed.
2. Caring for lips with coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent source of natural vitamin E supplements. While vitamin E not only moisturizes the lips, it is also very effective in lightening and softening the lips. If your lips are dry to crack, coconut oil is the best therapy for you.


Use a little coconut oil on the index finger. Use your thumb and forefinger to rub coconut oil before applying it to your lips.

Use it as a lip balm before using lipstick to avoid damaging the lipstick. Or use only coconut oil to treat and restore skin cells every night.

By using lipstick with lots of chemicals every day, lipstick gradually darkens. To restore natural lip balm, it is very important that you do not use lipstick for a period of time

3. Exfoliation of dead skin cells with coconut oil

Yes, if you want smooth white skin without acne scars, then what you should definitely do is periodically exfoliate the skin. Because dead cells can be considered as a type of dust that can clog pores or cause pimples and blackheads.

But remember not to buy exfoliation products. Such cosmetic products, according to scientific research, are very dangerous in the future. Coconut oil can be considered as a truly natural alternative therapy, even though it is five times more effective.

  • Simple enough Use a little pure coconut oil in the palm of your hand and heat it by rubbing your hands together.
  • Apply hot oil to the area to be exfoliated. (especially effective on stubborn skin such as heel skin).
  • Gently massage for 5 minutes, let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Must be done at least twice a week. If you work hard once a day and rest assured that coconut oil is really without side effects.
4. Remove coconut oil makeup

As you know, cosmetic make-up is the main cause of serious damage to your skin. Removal of makeup is a must for every woman who routinely wears makeup. And coconut oil will be the first choice for this job

How to use:

Use cotton to absorb some coconut oil (melt), apply coconut oil to the entire face, including swelling or lips.
Remember to use after you wash your face. Coconut oil is the last step and use it like toner.

5. Use coconut oil to rinse your hair

Coconut oil is a natural conditioner that can replace other commercial cosmetic shampoos.

The moisturizing effect of coconut oil helps prevent and even cure the problem of dry, fibrous or split hair. While still providing the nutrients needed for healthy hair.

How to use:

Simply heat coconut oil and massage into the hair. Use a comb from the tip to the base of the hair.
Comb for 3 minutes, let stand for 5 minutes then rinse with clean water.

Note: Coconut oil that has direct contact with the scalp will cause hair growth effects. This is good for balancing hair volume for every woman who has a problem with thinning hair or excessive hair loss.

But if you have thick hair, avoid getting coconut oil in contact with the scalp with too much hair.

6. How to beautify eyebrows with coconut oil

If you want thick, long, curved eyebrows, use coconut oil immediately because there is no natural form of stimulant that is stronger than coconut oil.

Only a few days of coconut oil on the skin of the eyebrows, 14 days later you will see more effective than expected.

This is so effective that you have to be careful when using coconut oil for areas that don't want to grow a lot of hair (like the armpit).

7. Teeth whitening with coconut oil

There are dozens of beauty treatments using coconut oil not only for skin, hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, but also for your teeth!

Yes, you only need to rinse your mouth once a day with runny coconut oil, your teeth are not only stronger but also naturally whiter.

This is due to the fact that the average acid - the main ingredient of coconut oil - is very good for cleaning and disinfection.

Persistence also helps you cleanse plaque and tartar.

Here are seven ways to use coconut oil for the most popular beauty treatments, tips that every woman must have. So, hopefully you can now try it to get natural beauty treatments.

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