14 foods rich in vitamin A for health and beauty

27 Januari

Everyone knows that Vitamin A is very good for the eyes and is one of the most important vitamins for health. But not many people know about the benefits of vitamin A for beauty care.

Sooner or later, you will find out about the benefits of vitamin A for health and beauty. This time we will tell you what vitamins are in the food and how much is used every day.

First of all, know that there are thousands of foods, vegetables, and even whole fish that contain vitamin A in the womb. The problem is that they contain more or less. And below are some vitamin A-rich foods that are easily found in Indonesia.

Vitamin A is measured in international units (IU), and the average adult needs are around 5,000 IU per day.
  • Carrot
Most people know that carrots contain lots of vitamin A and are good for the eyes and that is TRUE. Carrots contain 10,000 IU of vitamin A which contains enough vitamin A for 2 people a day. This means that one day you only have to eat half a carrot is enough to provide vitamin A intake for the body. In addition, carrots are known as a natural way to eliminate eye wrinkles or cause bright skin effects.
  • salad
Green vegetables are good for human health, but if you talk about vitamin A, there are no vegetables that contain more than lettuce. One cup (250 ml) of lettuce contains enough vitamin A. You can eat with a burger, eat raw with tomato sauce or fish sauce.
  • Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are the most effective vitamin A, the easiest to find, especially in Vietnam. There are many types of sweet potatoes and the ingredients are also rich in vitamin A. Ordinary sweet potatoes contain around 23,000 IU of vitamin A and enough for more than 4 people a day.

The best way to use vitamin A in sweet potatoes is to boil or fry sweet potatoes. You can boil sweet potatoes and use 1/4 sweet potato a day or slice 1/4 of sweet potato and fry it with flour to make it easy to consume.
  • Red  pepper
People tend to eat lots of bright peppers because red peppers contain a large amount of vitamin A. This ingredient also needs to be eaten at every meal to increase the taste of the special add-on.

1 tablespoon (15ml) of chopped fresh peppers provides around 2,000 IU of vitamin A. That means if you only use chili to supplement vitamin A you should eat at least 2.5 fresh peppers.

The problem is that red peppers are spicy, so those who don't like spicy are hard to eat. However, there are many ways to help you eat chili, not too spicy and delicious.

Prepare fresh peppers, thinly sliced with vegetables, stir and fry.

If you can't eat spicy, don't worry too much, because there are many other foods that also offer more vitamin A but are really easier to eat.
  • Mango
Do you enjoy your favorite dish? Mango is the most abundant and easy to find vitamin A. Mangoes contain vitamin A and normal mangoes which provide around 2,400 IU of vitamin A to the body.

That is, if you only eat mango, you have to eat 2 fruits a day. And fortunately it's not difficult because mango is easy to find to buy. But consuming too much mango can also damage your dental health
  • Milk products
Pure milk is now available in many supermarkets near you. Fresh milk is difficult to drink but nutrients with calcium, magnesium and protein are very important for a healthy body. Whole milk is also rich in vitamins A and D but a glass of milk (250 ml) only contains 400 IU of vitamin A while you need 5,000 IU per day.

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Therefore, fresh milk will not be the best vitamin A supplement for you. But you still have to use it regularly to take advantage of other important nutrients.
  • Green Mustard
Green Mustard contains a lot of vitamin A compared to its volume. A small cup of about 100 ml of green mustard contains more than 5,000 vitamin A and is enough to supply your body for a full day. But the fact is that mustard is difficult to eat, and cannot eat mustard regularly.
  • Pumpkin
Pumpkin contains a good amount of vitamin A for our body. 1 large cup (350 ml) of pumpkin contains up to 20,000 IU of vitamin A which is enough to provide vitamin A for 4 adults. It also contains enough vitamin C, potassium and fiber needed for a healthy body.

There are many ways to eat pumpkin, such as cooking or frying, and this is one of the recommended foods to use when taking vitamin A supplements for the body.
  • Basil leave
A spice herb that is popular in Indonesia, you can buy it at a market near your home that is very cheap and easy to find. Basil leaves can be eaten in all conditions, very suitable for increasing the taste of daily food without being boring. 100 grams of dried basil contains around 750 IU of vitamin A. Fresh basil more than 1000 IU of vitamin A.
  • Peas
Not too popular, but in the main supermarket you can buy it easily and the price is also reasonable. Half a cup of peas contains around 7,000 IU of vitamin A. Peas are also a very large variety of foods including weight loss and abdominal fat. So if you don't like your physique while wanting to add vitamin A to your body then peas are a great combination.

  • Tomato
Asking whether vitamin A is in any food, 80% will include tomatoes in the first 10 foods. Tomatoes are fruits but are used as alternative vegetables, which are recommended for use because they contain lots of vitamins and minerals while providing fewer calories, so they don't add fat.

Normal tomatoes provide 20% of the amount of vitamin A that the body needs in a day. It also provides an excellent amount of vitamin C for skin beauty or overall body health. Tomatoes have many uses and you might know not to consume them too much!
  • Broccoli
One of the herbal ingredients is a wonderful herb in human health care. 100 grams of dried broccoli contains up to 750 IU of vitamin A and this number increases to 1000 IU with fresh broccoli.

100 grams of dried broccoli contains lots of vitamin A, but it should not be used throughout the world to try complete vitamin supplements. Encourage the use of broccolo food with several meals every day, because it is good for health.
  • Peach
In addition to vitamin A, persih fruit also has a lot of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron in its composition. Peaches give 490 IU of vitamin A to the body. Therefore, it should only be used as a daily food supplement but not a source of vitamin A supplements.
  • Papaya
Papaya is an advantage of tropical countries like Indonesia. There are many uses for papaya in beauty and you can see even more here. Small ripe papaya provides about 1,800 IU of vitamin A to the body. Usually the best way to use vitamin A is to wait for it to ripen, which is yellow orange and peeled and eaten immediately.

That was 14 foods rich in vitamin A for health and beauty, hopefully with the above article, now you know what foods are good for being made a good vitamin A supplement from nature.

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