What is Detox and what are the benefits of detox?

29 Januari
If you are interested in the trend of beauty care, you will see that there is a new beauty trend called DETOX. Then what is DETOX? How does it work?

Apa itu Detox dan apa manfaat detox?

All concepts about DETOX and how they work will be discussed in this article, but it takes about 5 minutes to read and understand.

What is DETOX?

In short, DETOX is detoxifying our body from within. You can divide DETOX into "DE" and "TOX". In it, "DE" takes off and "TOX" poisons.

However, using the DETOX method is not about using detoxifying drugs or foods.
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The human body naturally has a very effective purification and detoxification system. But because of many factors that work poorly or too many poisons in the body, this system does not work.

DETOX is a method to help the detoxification system available in the body to work better with higher efficiency.

This includes :
  • Reduce the amount of toxins in your body every day.
  • Providing nutrients or special compounds that promote detoxification systems to work more effectively.
Benefits of DETOX

Many people think DETOX is a method for losing weight primarily. But not so. Detox only helps eliminate harmful toxins through a rather strict diet. And it's common for people to combine this diet with weight loss at the same time. Therefore, it is clear that detox can also be used to gain weight or skin if desired.

Life is more civilized, we are very aware of the cleanliness of the body. Why do you brush your teeth every day? Maybe because we feel "dirty, itchy, bad smell", the rest because the habit is formed from a baby.

This is another view of DETOX, where you use detoxification for the body outside the body such as teeth, skin, hair.

External organs are often more easily observed with the eyes or senses than internal organs. Often, we are very conscious of cleaning the outside of our body while forgetting that the vital organs in the body also need to do the same.

The biggest reason is that we don't really have problems with the liver, kidneys, stomach and symptoms of related diseases.

If you regularly detox the body, you use a method of preventing dangerous diseases in a very effective way.
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We know what DETOX is and the benefits of DETOX. Thus, it is easy to know why DETOX is needed for a healthy, beautiful body from the inside out.

In the next article, we will discuss the most effective detoxification methods to reduce or gain weight, beauty treatments or healthy hair! So hopefully the article above can help you understand what Detox is more clearly.

Can tap water be used to cleanse acne ?

29 Januari
Apakah air kran dapat digunakan untuk membersihkan jerawat?

If you can't find the cause of a pimple on your face that keeps appearing. Just relax and think of the water you use every day.

Most of us use industrial water that is cleaned and filtered by special machines, often called tap water. Press water if it does not meet the composition requirements and the level of impact when people use it. However, this indicator mainly ensures that we are not poisoned, does not affect the intestines or digestion, but there is no basis to confirm that it does not harm the skin.
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Actually, your tap water - your daily cleanser has the amazing ability to create a direct effect on your skin. Of course, this effect can cause acne or not depending on the moisture content after screening, the skin of the individual skin as well as all other external factors or medical environment.

Tap water classification

Often, tap water is classified into two types: hard water and soft water.

Hard water is more likely to cause acne.

Hard water contains magnesium and calcium and many other metal chemicals, so high-quality hard water can damage the epidermis outside the skin, making skin thinner on the day. More inflammation and acne are also more likely to occur.

Clean water is safer than hard water

If tap water is clean, it is almost certainly not the cause of acne. Water is filtered carefully over tap water to remove metal compounds usually found in high concentrations in hard water.

What water do you use?

Accurate testing is needed to ensure the softness of tap water. However, there are some simple signs that can help you realize that your house's water is hard or soft. In particular, if the water is hard, you will often see the crust of white crust on the tap, sink or bathtub.

You can also see your home kettle or use it. Long hard water will make thin thin clay on the wall or the bottom of the kettle. It's easy to pick them up and destroy them easily.

Water treatment

It is best to use carefully filtered tap water to wash your face every day. As clean as possible, a filter system capable of removing heavy metals is even better.

Otherwise, natural cleaners can be used to remove contaminated metal in water.
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Lemon or cucumber juice is a simple suggestion in this case.

Tap water will also dry your skin, so it should also be combined with natural lotions after each cleansing and cleaning with lemon or cucumber.

If possible, apply a mask of honey or honey coconut oil as the best.

If tap water is actually used as a cause of disease, the skin cleansing or stabilizing method will be effective after 2 months. You will find the number and intensity of pimples that appear to increase significantly.

What is toner and what are the benefits of Toner?

28 Januari
If you often use makeup or learn about beauty, then surely know or imagine what toner is. If you know nothing about toner, read the following article and you will know almost all the important things to know about toner.

In addition, in this article we will guide methods on how to use the most popular toner to achieve the highest efficiency.

What is toner?

Apa itu toner dan Apa manfaat dari Toner?

Toner is a cleansing water that is used exclusively for the skin. Yes, the tap water that you wash every day can also be called toner. But it's light and if the toner isn't accurate. Precisely toner is deep cleansing water for your skin.

Usually applied after cleaning, after make up, so you can imagine deep cleaning levels when using toner. In short, toner is the last step in cleaning the skin to ensure a clean finish for your beloved skin.

Important note: If you experience problems with zits, don't forget to use toner. The problem with acne is that the pores that are not clean and clean are currently the main effects of toner.

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What is the content in Toner?

Toners help cleanse deep dirt, cosmetics, excess oil on your skin. Actually, there are many types of toner that are sold in the form of commercial cosmetics that are widely used by women especially to get rid of make up and usually this type of toner contains certain cleaning agents that damage skin cells from the inside. However, toner is also known in various other forms that we will learn more about in this article.

Toner made from natural ingredients

Toners can be made from natural, pure and natural ingredients. Most of them are formed by extracting from certain natural ingredients and combined with other natural oils.

Depending on the intended use, there is a homemade toner formula. Moisturizing toner, refreshing toner, softening toner, or toner only for cleaning purposes.

What is a good toner like?

Toner must first ensure absolute security for the skin when used under normal conditions or being used continuously every day.

Therefore, toner must be natural. I don't want to say much about cosmetics that are commercially available. Just conclude a sentence from a personal point of view:


Everything is up to you. Furthermore, a good toner besides safety must fulfill its responsibilities. Cleansing in a good Toner can remove dirt, cosmetics and excess oil on the skin.
  • Beyond Cleaning: good toner must meet the original production goals. For example, you need a toner moisturizer for dry skin, it must be able to moisturize well. You need toner that fills the pores, so make sure your skin is smooth after use.
  • Little or no good side effects: Some types of toner, although very effective, but can cause dry and cracked skin problems. Toners can also cause allergic reactions or unwanted infections.
How to use the right toner?

s mentioned, toner is the last step in cleaning the skin. So you should apply it twice a day at the following times:
  • Afternoon before going to bed, after cleaning your face. Apply a warm towel on your face, then apply with a cold towel before using a large cotton fabric to apply toner to the entire skin.
  • Use the same method but change the time in the morning after waking up to remove excess oil that is excreted at night.
How to make toner yourself at home

You can make your own toner at home, and this is also the most effective way to have good toner for the right purpose. And this is the toner that you must choose:

1. Honey toner for all skin types

This is a popular toner that is suitable for all skins, it should be highly recommended for girls who are lazy or don't want to have too many choices and then wonder so they don't do anything.

  • Green tea leaves are quite suitable for small teapots.
  • Half a teaspoon of honey.
  • A few drops of essential jasmine oil or rose or lavender ...
How to make :
  • the water boils in warm water and wait for 5 minutes. Then pour a glass or bowl of clean water.
  • Add honey and stir.
  • Wait until the water cools, continue to add oil to the cup and continue to mix.
  • Then use it.
Note: Because lemon juice is contained in the ingredients, it is best to only use toner at night before going to bed.

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In addition, toner commission is very popular, but most of the rose toner formulas must be combined with pure alcohol, so we do not recommend that you not use those mentioned in this article. If you want to make rose toners then look at other sources offline ! Good luck !.

14 foods rich in vitamin A for health and beauty

27 Januari
Everyone knows that Vitamin A is very good for the eyes and is one of the most important vitamins for health. But not many people know about the benefits of vitamin A for beauty care.

Sooner or later, you will find out about the benefits of vitamin A for health and beauty. This time we will tell you what vitamins are in the food and how much is used every day.

First of all, know that there are thousands of foods, vegetables, and even whole fish that contain vitamin A in the womb. The problem is that they contain more or less. And below are some vitamin A-rich foods that are easily found in Indonesia.

Vitamin A is measured in international units (IU), and the average adult needs are around 5,000 IU per day.
  • Carrot
Most people know that carrots contain lots of vitamin A and are good for the eyes and that is TRUE. Carrots contain 10,000 IU of vitamin A which contains enough vitamin A for 2 people a day. This means that one day you only have to eat half a carrot is enough to provide vitamin A intake for the body. In addition, carrots are known as a natural way to eliminate eye wrinkles or cause bright skin effects.
  • salad
Green vegetables are good for human health, but if you talk about vitamin A, there are no vegetables that contain more than lettuce. One cup (250 ml) of lettuce contains enough vitamin A. You can eat with a burger, eat raw with tomato sauce or fish sauce.
  • Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are the most effective vitamin A, the easiest to find, especially in Vietnam. There are many types of sweet potatoes and the ingredients are also rich in vitamin A. Ordinary sweet potatoes contain around 23,000 IU of vitamin A and enough for more than 4 people a day.

The best way to use vitamin A in sweet potatoes is to boil or fry sweet potatoes. You can boil sweet potatoes and use 1/4 sweet potato a day or slice 1/4 of sweet potato and fry it with flour to make it easy to consume.
  • Red  pepper
People tend to eat lots of bright peppers because red peppers contain a large amount of vitamin A. This ingredient also needs to be eaten at every meal to increase the taste of the special add-on.

1 tablespoon (15ml) of chopped fresh peppers provides around 2,000 IU of vitamin A. That means if you only use chili to supplement vitamin A you should eat at least 2.5 fresh peppers.

The problem is that red peppers are spicy, so those who don't like spicy are hard to eat. However, there are many ways to help you eat chili, not too spicy and delicious.

Prepare fresh peppers, thinly sliced with vegetables, stir and fry.

If you can't eat spicy, don't worry too much, because there are many other foods that also offer more vitamin A but are really easier to eat.
  • Mango
Do you enjoy your favorite dish? Mango is the most abundant and easy to find vitamin A. Mangoes contain vitamin A and normal mangoes which provide around 2,400 IU of vitamin A to the body.

That is, if you only eat mango, you have to eat 2 fruits a day. And fortunately it's not difficult because mango is easy to find to buy. But consuming too much mango can also damage your dental health
  • Milk products
Pure milk is now available in many supermarkets near you. Fresh milk is difficult to drink but nutrients with calcium, magnesium and protein are very important for a healthy body. Whole milk is also rich in vitamins A and D but a glass of milk (250 ml) only contains 400 IU of vitamin A while you need 5,000 IU per day.

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Therefore, fresh milk will not be the best vitamin A supplement for you. But you still have to use it regularly to take advantage of other important nutrients.
  • Green Mustard
Green Mustard contains a lot of vitamin A compared to its volume. A small cup of about 100 ml of green mustard contains more than 5,000 vitamin A and is enough to supply your body for a full day. But the fact is that mustard is difficult to eat, and cannot eat mustard regularly.
  • Pumpkin
Pumpkin contains a good amount of vitamin A for our body. 1 large cup (350 ml) of pumpkin contains up to 20,000 IU of vitamin A which is enough to provide vitamin A for 4 adults. It also contains enough vitamin C, potassium and fiber needed for a healthy body.

There are many ways to eat pumpkin, such as cooking or frying, and this is one of the recommended foods to use when taking vitamin A supplements for the body.
  • Basil leave
A spice herb that is popular in Indonesia, you can buy it at a market near your home that is very cheap and easy to find. Basil leaves can be eaten in all conditions, very suitable for increasing the taste of daily food without being boring. 100 grams of dried basil contains around 750 IU of vitamin A. Fresh basil more than 1000 IU of vitamin A.
  • Peas
Not too popular, but in the main supermarket you can buy it easily and the price is also reasonable. Half a cup of peas contains around 7,000 IU of vitamin A. Peas are also a very large variety of foods including weight loss and abdominal fat. So if you don't like your physique while wanting to add vitamin A to your body then peas are a great combination.

  • Tomato
Asking whether vitamin A is in any food, 80% will include tomatoes in the first 10 foods. Tomatoes are fruits but are used as alternative vegetables, which are recommended for use because they contain lots of vitamins and minerals while providing fewer calories, so they don't add fat.

Normal tomatoes provide 20% of the amount of vitamin A that the body needs in a day. It also provides an excellent amount of vitamin C for skin beauty or overall body health. Tomatoes have many uses and you might know not to consume them too much!
  • Broccoli
One of the herbal ingredients is a wonderful herb in human health care. 100 grams of dried broccoli contains up to 750 IU of vitamin A and this number increases to 1000 IU with fresh broccoli.

100 grams of dried broccoli contains lots of vitamin A, but it should not be used throughout the world to try complete vitamin supplements. Encourage the use of broccolo food with several meals every day, because it is good for health.
  • Peach
In addition to vitamin A, persih fruit also has a lot of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron in its composition. Peaches give 490 IU of vitamin A to the body. Therefore, it should only be used as a daily food supplement but not a source of vitamin A supplements.
  • Papaya
Papaya is an advantage of tropical countries like Indonesia. There are many uses for papaya in beauty and you can see even more here. Small ripe papaya provides about 1,800 IU of vitamin A to the body. Usually the best way to use vitamin A is to wait for it to ripen, which is yellow orange and peeled and eaten immediately.

That was 14 foods rich in vitamin A for health and beauty, hopefully with the above article, now you know what foods are good for being made a good vitamin A supplement from nature.

10 reasons why you should drink lemon juice every day

26 Januari
10 Alasan mengapa Anda harus minum jus lemon setiap hari
After years of drinking lemon in the morning, I never wrote about this. But it's very selfish! Lemon juice is very effective in building a whole body that is healthy in general, and beauty care especially for skin care.

So I wrote this article and wanted to answer a very simple question: Drinking lemon juice is good for beauty care? The short answer is YES.

The first thing I want to share with you is why I started drinking lemon in the morning. I have very rough skin, lots of spots. Facial skin looks dirty, gray and becomes red spots on the face. Then I saw my food and the amount of water I had for several days, the results were as follows:
  • I don't drink enough water,
  • Daily food is not really healthy
Since then I have begun to find a solution. I read newspaper articles about the benefits of drinking lemon, so I decided to do it. Every morning, we boil water to boil water and squeeze half a lemon into a cup when the water is warm. After 3 days I felt a difference in my stomach and my skin started to light up. Fortunately, with this result, I continue to defend it and skin problems don't exist anymore.

10 reasons why you should drink lemon juice every day

Lemon has many uses and good nutrition including vitamin C, B vitamins, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber. Thanks to this nutrient, lemon has several benefits as follows:

1. Reduce inflammation

Regular consumption of lemon juice will reduce the level of acid in your body, which helps you overcome the disease. Lemon juice also reduces uric acid levels in your joints. This is also the main cause of arthritis.

2. Weight loss

Thanks to the fiber in lime, every morning can encourage waste in your body to reduce excess fat.

3. Dispose of toxins

Your digestive tract is not the only place to get rid of body toxins, but lemon juice also increases enzymes that help release the liver better.

4. better digestion

Toxins in your digestive tract are eliminated with daily lemonade. It also helps prevent heartburn, bloating and all other unpleasant digestive symptoms.

5. Clean the skin

Lemon has great antioxidants to keep the layers clean and reduce wrinkles at no cost. When applied topically to pimples or scars, it can help reduce its appearance naturally. In addition, detoxify your blood so that you maintain bright light throughout the day.

6. Lift the immune system

Vitamin C is known to boost your immune system and avoid illness, and lemons carry the full factor. This makes lemonade a great way to reduce your immune system every day and stay healthy.

7. Napas segar

This includes two factors:
  1. dry mouth can cause bad breath so it soaks your mouth with lemon juice to keep the mouth moist, so the breath doesn't smell bad.
  2. Acid in lemon decays bacteria that cause bad breath. This also means reducing toothache and gingivitis.

8. Increases energy

When lemon juice enters your digestive tract, energizes your body to help you feed your one day. This not only reduces stress on your nervous system which can help relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

9. Reduce caffeine intake

Look, there is a cup of coffee once in a while, and if you drink it a lot, then you will like me, lemonade is a great tool to help you reduce your food intake. This will help you to relax with the lowest level

10. Healthy heart

Thanks to high potassium levels in lemons, drinking lemon juice can improve your cardiovascular health as well as the brain and functional nerves.

Believe that with the 10 reasons above, you can answer the question yourself, "Is lemon juice good?" Sometimes, the real effect won't be able to see directly, but if you are confident and believe in intensive scientific research, try experimenting and feeling the great impact lemon has for you.

9 Ways to Treat Beauty Using Salt Water

25 Januari
There are many ways to help beautify yourself, including spending a lot of money to treat your body at a spa, using drugs recommended by a dermatologist and sometimes the results are also unsatisfactory. It turns out that water gram is also very effective for beauty care.

This article lists and guides you 9 Ways to Beauty Care Using Salt Water Effectively. First, make sure you use sea salt using the method below, not soup or iodine salt.

1. Face Care

Salt and honey contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-infectious. Salt is more intense than honey, and if used it can eliminate acne problems, severe acne (redness, pain), and inflammation to prevent more severe acne.

In addition, facial care methods using salt water also help neutralize facial skin, reduce irritation and restore the best natural environment for skin health.

How to use
9 Cara Perawatan Kecantikan Menggunakan Air Garam
  • Mix 2 teaspoons of sea salt with 4 teaspoons of pure honey and make a sticky paste mixture.
  • Apply regularly to the entire face, avoiding the eye area.
  • Allow about 15 minutes.
  • Constantly, use a thin towel, dip it in warm water and squeeze the water evenly (so that the water stays attached, but does not drip).
  • Place a towel on your face for 30 seconds, then massage your face through a towel in a circular motion. This deep cleansing and exfoliating action is quite effective.
  • Finally wash your face with warm water ,
2. Treatment and prevention of acne

Salt is very effective in cleansing, in the form of water, which penetrates deep into the pores and cleanses dirt completely of the bacteria that are the main cause of various types of acne.

How to use:

One teaspoon of sea salt and mix with 4 teaspoons of warm water. Insert the spray bottle

Beat before spraying on the entire face. When spraying, remember to close your eyes, avoid spraying the maximum in the eye area. Use twice a day for faster results. After that only spray once a day is the best before going to bed.

3. Salt is used as a moisturizer

Salt is very effective in cleaning and removing dead skin cells, peeling the skin at any position in the body. Minerals in salt also help soften the skin and keep the moisture very effective.

The formula:

1/4 cup of salt + 1/2 cup of olive oil (can substitute olive oil with coconut oil).

Mix well and add a few drops of essential oil that you like (can use lavender essential oil).

Use this mixture in the bathroom. Mix hands before massaging the skin in a circular motion. This method can be used for the whole body.

4. Rejuvenate the skin

Cleanse the salt, peel and create the best conditions to restore the skin. And when one of these essential oils is added, they begin to rejuvenate in just 56 days.


1/2 cup salt + 1/4 cup aloe vera gel + 1 tsp dried lavender + 10 drops of lavender essential oil (lavender and lavender essential oils that you can buy, and aloe vera gel can be made yourself).

Mix all the mixtures, used in the bathroom to massage the body in a circular motion. You treat it as a shower gel and use it normally.

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5. Salt helps protect the skin

Apart from removing dirt, bacteria in the pores, minerals in sea salt also help make protective films to prevent dangerous conditions for the skin from the environment.

If you take a bath normally, try to dissolve salt in bath water and soak it in the sink for about 10 minutes.

Continue to bathe normally and then you will feel completely different. The skin will not tangle, dry, crack. Apply well to prevent dry skin in winter.

6. Scalp care

Not only normal skin, salt also effectively affects the scalp. First, salt cleanses the skin and removes dandruff very effectively after shampooing. In addition, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory is clearly indicated by the fungus scalp.

How to use:

  • Sprinkle a few drops of salt on your scalp, moisturize your scalp with wet hands for a few minutes to dissolve the salt.
  • Rinse with clean water and feel the results immediately.

7. Whiten teeth

Salt or baking soda is a chemical compound that is very effective in oral health problems. Using salt can help whiten teeth, clean plaque, kill bacteria in the oral cavity. It is also very effective with problems with teeth, gums, and mouth heat.

How to use:

 You can immediately benefit from salt by rinsing with warm salt water twice a day. Or add a few     drops of salt to the toothpaste every time you brush it.

Hint: You can add baking soda to teeth whitening.

8. Protect from bad breath and gum inflammation

Salt water can easily cure bad breath or gingivitis problems. But if you follow this formula, you can duplicate the benefits.


1/2 teaspoon of sea salt + 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda is dissolved in 1 cup of warm water. Beat this solution in the mouth, so that the mixture comes into contact with interstices. Soak in the mouth for about 3 minutes before removing it.

9. Salt helps to cleanse and treat nails effectively

Salt helps soften the epidermis, builds stronger nails or tighter legs. Applying around the nail area, salt also helps cleanse and eliminate nail problems.

Combined with baking soda, lemon will help add to the benefits of this formula in addition to strengthening the nails, it can also clean bad yellow stains on the horn layer.

How to use:

Mix one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of lemon juice, and half a cup of warm water in a small bowl.

Soak the nails in the solution for about 10 minutes, then brush with a soft brush. Wash your hands and moisturize. Finished

That was 9 Effective Ways to Use Salt Water, you can apply it now. Because this method is very easy to do at home and really safe, don't forget to try it for yourself to feel the results.

7 Steps to make homemade rosewater

24 Januari
Rosehips are very popular for tightening pores, effective in stretching the skin naturally and reducing the effects of wrinkles or black spots that occur in the aging process.

Rose water is also a powerful cleanser that safely removes dead skin cells. It also helps reduce inflammation, redness caused by any cause that directly forms damage to your skin. It helps balance pH, prevent and treat zits with amazing effects.

7 Langkah membuat air mawar buatan sendiri

In addition to special effects for women in body care, rose water is also used in cooking and processing foods that give sweetness to food.

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By the way, have you been able to find out the unexpected benefits brought by rose water. You can buy rose water in large supermarkets, cosmetics stores are now easily available. Making homemade rosemary is the best way to get this magical water.

The composition of commercially available rose water often has a large amount of diluted alcohol and reduces the quality of its water, which is not to mention the origin of rose water containing more toxic chemicals that can seriously damage the skin or user's health.

You can make homemade roses with the method below very simple and easy. You don't need raw materials or chemicals that are hard to find, nor do you need special and complex tools.

The raw material needed to make rose water

  • Red roses from 5 to 10 cotton depending on demand.
  • Pan with glass cover.
  • Cold Ice Cube about 1 pan.
  • Gas stove or kitchen stove as long as it can be lit.

    Step to make rose water yourself at home

    • Take rose petals, wash gently with cold water and avoid packaging.
    • Pour clean water (preferably rainwater) into the pan, place a small bowl floating on the water.
    • Sprinkle all the rose petals on the water and around the mouth of the bowl.
    • Squeeze it back so that the top of the vung (now facing down) goes directly to the mouth of the bowl.
    • Turn on the fire, turn it off immediately after boiling water.
    • Pour cold ice cubes over the pan, replace the ice cubes regularly so that the environment stays cool.
    • After about 40-50 minutes lift the bowl out.

      Mechanism: The temperature of the stove helps warm and evaporate the available water from rose petals, the momentum of light water rises and attaches to the surface of the pot. The cooling above helps cool and condense into liquid. This water is mostly rose water, follows the slope with the pot upside down and flows into the bowl in the pot.

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      Now, your bowl filled with pure rose water, cooled and put in a dark pan and then stored in the cooler or freezer compartment and used at any time.

      Actually, you can immediately remove the flower petals into the water and then use the solution as runny rose water. You must use a canvas filter to remove dirt.

      The method above is an advanced method for making your own rose water at home to get good, pure rose water.

      7 Ways to Make Detox Drinks for Beauty Care

      24 Januari
      This article will guide you how to make a detox drink to improve overall health and beauty after each use. Actually, there are thousands of ways to make detox water depending on formula, raw material and also its purpose.

      Each type of material gives a different type of detox water, when combined with many ingredients, we also have totally different detoxes and because there are many ways to detox, in this article we are looking for the simplest, most popular and most effective, you can find material and water it yourself. Detox at home only takes 5 minutes.

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      DETOX drinks are mostly made from fruit which is soaked for drinking water everyday and has different benefits.

      Ingredients for detox drinks

      First of all, we temporarily include the main ingredients for detox water in this article, along with the benefits of other ingredients.

      1. Lemon

      • Detoxification
      • Stimulates digestion of food
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Skin rejuvenation

      2. Cucumber

      • Detoxification
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Digest food

      3. Orange

      • Detoxification
      • Strengthens the immune system

      4.Jeruk Bali

      • Detoxification
      • Weight loss
      • Improve the digestive system
      • Helps reduce cholesterol
      • Antioxidant cells

      5. Raspberry, blueberry or strawberry

      • Detoxification
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Very rich in antioxidants
      • Strengthens the immune system
      • Strengthen the fight against cancer

      6. Watermelon

      • Detoxification
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Promotes blood circulation
      • Strengthens the body's immunity

      7. Cinnamon

      • Increase metabolism
      • Digest food
      • Improve brain function

      8. Mint

      • Digest food
      • Reduce abdominal pain
      • Fight depression

      9. basil

      • Detoxification
      • Anti-inflammatory
      • Antioxidants
      • Antibiotics
      • Antipyretic
      • Cancer prevention

      We have 9 main ingredients and list the biggest effects of herbs for human health, all you need to do now is to choose one or more ingredients that are most suitable for you or your loved ones. . Then compare how to make a detox drink below and follow the instructions.

           7. How to make detox drinks easily

      Important Note: When detoxing, it is very important to put detox drinks at least 2 hours in the refrigerator and then use them, which help nutrients penetrate deep into the water and provide greater benefits.

      1. How to make detox water reduce belly fat

      Ingredients: 2 apples, 2 10 cm cinnamon sticks, clean water filter.

      How to make: squeeze one apple to get the water, prepare apples, peel the skin and cut into small pieces. Include two cinnamon in a large jug and mix well. Store in the freezer for 2 hours before use.

      2. How to make detox drinks to digest fat


      Red watermelon, cut into small pieces about 2 fingers to a large cup.
      6-8 Mint leaves
      1 clean water tank
      How to make :

      Put all ingredients into the water tank, cool for 2 hours before use.

      3. How to make detox drinks to lose weight

      Ingredients include: 1 slice of lime, slices of lime, half slices of cucumber. Put everything in a water filter, put the refrigerator cooler and drink after 2 hours.

      Without lemon, you can replace it with lemongrass. That is, instead of using one type of fruit, you only need two lemons.

      4. How to make detox drinks with lemon and strawberries

      Ingredients: 4 slices of strawberries, 1 slice of lemon, 1/4 cup of basil leaves in a jar of clean water, placed in the refrigerator for 2 hours before use.

      5. How to make detoxification drinks with lemon and blueberries

      Use ingredients that include 1/2 cup of cooked blueberries, one slice of orange sand. Put everything in a jar of clean water and put it in the refrigerator cooler. Drink 2 hours later.

      6. How to make detox juice with lemon + mint + raspberry

      The formula includes: 7 raspberries, 1 lemon slice, 8 mint leaves. Insert the clean water filter, insert the refrigerator cooler before use.

      7. Make your own detox with grapefruit

      This is the most effective detox weight loss formula, if you want to lose belly fat or weight then you should consult and use this formula.

      Ingredients include: 1/4 cup of cooked strawberries, 1 slice of lemon, 1 orange cut into small triangles. Put everything in a jar of clean water and place it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. Drink water every day.

      That's the 7 ways to make detoxification drinks simple and easy to do, while the ingredients are also easy to buy and get.

      You can choose 1 or more methods and follow the instructions. But if you are too busy or don't remember the formula, you can still use detox drinks to improve your body's health and beauty. By choosing and remembering one of the top 10 types, slice and soak in clean water, put it in a cooler and replace it with water every day. Of course, the effect will not be as good as it is made every day.

      7 ways to use coconut oil for beauty care

      23 Januari
      The fact is that there are dozens of beauty treatments that use coconut oil many times more effectively than expensive cosmetic products.

      Coconut oil is one of the most popular beauty ingredients today. And it is very effective if you use it for skin care for several weeks of use.
      7 cara menggunakan minyak kelapa untuk perawatan kecantikan

      There are many ways to make coconut oil. You can only use coconut oil or combine it with other natural ingredients. Each recipe has a different effect.

      Read Also - 5 Ways to Make Honey for beauty care

      In this article, you will learn all the simplest and most effective ways to make homemade coconut oil and how to use coconut oil.

      7 ways to use coconut oil for beauty care

      Here are the instructions, find the formula you are looking for and start trying right now!

      1. Body scrub with coconut oil

      The fact is that you can use coconut oil alone as a whole body lotion especially to moisturize dry skin in winter. This is one of the most popular coconut oils.

      The average fatty acid chain in coconut oil is very strong in maintaining moisture in your skin by making protective films that prevent moisture from coming out and smoothing the skin at any time. Use.

      Usage :
      • Take one teaspoon of coconut oil, pour it into your palm.
      • Rub two hands to warm coconut oil and massage into the skin to moisturize.
      • You only apply to the skin of the face and the entire skin of the body.
      • There will be a little stickiness at first, but try to hold on a little. Leave it at least 20 minutes before you want to clean it.
      • The best way is to use it before going to bed.
      2. Caring for lips with coconut oil

      Coconut oil is an excellent source of natural vitamin E supplements. While vitamin E not only moisturizes the lips, it is also very effective in lightening and softening the lips. If your lips are dry to crack, coconut oil is the best therapy for you.


      Use a little coconut oil on the index finger. Use your thumb and forefinger to rub coconut oil before applying it to your lips.

      Use it as a lip balm before using lipstick to avoid damaging the lipstick. Or use only coconut oil to treat and restore skin cells every night.

      By using lipstick with lots of chemicals every day, lipstick gradually darkens. To restore natural lip balm, it is very important that you do not use lipstick for a period of time

      3. Exfoliation of dead skin cells with coconut oil

      Yes, if you want smooth white skin without acne scars, then what you should definitely do is periodically exfoliate the skin. Because dead cells can be considered as a type of dust that can clog pores or cause pimples and blackheads.

      But remember not to buy exfoliation products. Such cosmetic products, according to scientific research, are very dangerous in the future. Coconut oil can be considered as a truly natural alternative therapy, even though it is five times more effective.

      • Simple enough Use a little pure coconut oil in the palm of your hand and heat it by rubbing your hands together.
      • Apply hot oil to the area to be exfoliated. (especially effective on stubborn skin such as heel skin).
      • Gently massage for 5 minutes, let stand for 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.
      • Must be done at least twice a week. If you work hard once a day and rest assured that coconut oil is really without side effects.
      4. Remove coconut oil makeup

      As you know, cosmetic make-up is the main cause of serious damage to your skin. Removal of makeup is a must for every woman who routinely wears makeup. And coconut oil will be the first choice for this job

      How to use:

      Use cotton to absorb some coconut oil (melt), apply coconut oil to the entire face, including swelling or lips.
      Remember to use after you wash your face. Coconut oil is the last step and use it like toner.

      5. Use coconut oil to rinse your hair

      Coconut oil is a natural conditioner that can replace other commercial cosmetic shampoos.

      The moisturizing effect of coconut oil helps prevent and even cure the problem of dry, fibrous or split hair. While still providing the nutrients needed for healthy hair.

      How to use:

      Simply heat coconut oil and massage into the hair. Use a comb from the tip to the base of the hair.
      Comb for 3 minutes, let stand for 5 minutes then rinse with clean water.

      Note: Coconut oil that has direct contact with the scalp will cause hair growth effects. This is good for balancing hair volume for every woman who has a problem with thinning hair or excessive hair loss.

      But if you have thick hair, avoid getting coconut oil in contact with the scalp with too much hair.

      6. How to beautify eyebrows with coconut oil

      If you want thick, long, curved eyebrows, use coconut oil immediately because there is no natural form of stimulant that is stronger than coconut oil.

      Only a few days of coconut oil on the skin of the eyebrows, 14 days later you will see more effective than expected.

      This is so effective that you have to be careful when using coconut oil for areas that don't want to grow a lot of hair (like the armpit).

      7. Teeth whitening with coconut oil

      There are dozens of beauty treatments using coconut oil not only for skin, hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, but also for your teeth!

      Yes, you only need to rinse your mouth once a day with runny coconut oil, your teeth are not only stronger but also naturally whiter.

      This is due to the fact that the average acid - the main ingredient of coconut oil - is very good for cleaning and disinfection.

      Persistence also helps you cleanse plaque and tartar.

      Here are seven ways to use coconut oil for the most popular beauty treatments, tips that every woman must have. So, hopefully you can now try it to get natural beauty treatments.

      6 tips for getting you up early and healthy every day

      23 Januari
      If you read this article, it looks like you are a "night owl" and a night owl usually doesn't like to chatter about the benefits of getting up early.

      So I will explain briefly about the benefits of getting up early. Scientific studies show that people who wake up early often feel happier, healthier, more effective and even more successful than those who work late at night and then wake up.

      6 tips untuk membuat Anda bangun pagi dan sehat setiap hari

      That sounds absurd. Often we tend to work hard with success, because many people get caught in work late at night and work after stressful working hours.

      However, think again.

      Usually, we need at least 7 hours of sleep a day to maintain a healthy body. And that means 17 hours left for you to entertain, play, study and work.

      Whether you work during the day you only have 17 hours. But instead of working at night, working during the day to ensure the highest health and productivity and especially women, staying up late can greatly affect your beauty.

      If you know you are a night owl, the 6 tips below will help change your sleep patterns and your future.

      1. Create quality sleep

      To get up early you have to go to bed early. Create a comfortable environment to help you get peace of mind, the fastest.

      Sometimes we can't sleep well just because we are wondering what tomorrow looks like, how tired we are, we don't wash our dishes or eat dinner. Wash it immediately and make your mind as comfortable as possible.

      Indoor fragrances also contribute to deep sleep. Encourage the use of some lavender or perfume for the benefit of sleep. Don't fall in love with entertainment devices such as telephones or computers. It is recommended to leave about one hour before going to bed. You should not use drugs that are harmful to sleep such as tea or coffee.

      2. Discipline helps create habits

      People who often stay up late who want to change habits cannot immediately change it. In the first few days you will find it very difficult to sleep early. Don't sit down, don't do anything else. Just close your eyes and enjoy peace.

      If you sleep at 10 o'clock every day, I guarantee that after 7 days you will evaporate when the clock reaches 10 pm.

      3. Ignore naps

      In fact, napping does not help you wake up after waking up. That's only because of your habits, you feel tired at a certain time frame and let your body rest with sleep.

      Sleep in some cases also exacerbates body fatigue problems. And the results are definitely hard to sleep at night.

      4. Use a reasonable alarm clock

      I don't understand why the alarm clock has a "snooze" function after 5 or 10 minutes. Of course it is often the main reason for slowing down your waking process. If possible turn off this function. And instead of leaving your watch near you, take it to a place a few meters away and leave a bottle of water there.

      In the morning wake up, turn off the alarm clock and drink a glass of cold water easily can eliminate the feeling of drowsiness quickly.

      5. Don't pull the curtain while sleeping

      There is nothing more amazing if natural light is an "alarm clock for you". Vitamin D in the beginning is very beneficial for your health, especially the beauty of your boyfriend's skin. In addition, after the sun has entered your room, it is very difficult for you to continue your sleep.

      6. Create excitement every time you wake up

      If there is something to look forward to in the morning, our tendency even in sleep is to wake up and get up very early. Make yourself wait in the morning, maybe 15 'Yoga, Dairy Bread, or messages from some men.

      Now you know 6 tips to get you up early and healthy every day. Your job is to implement and implement with great determination.

      5 Cara Membuat Madu untuk perawatan kecantikan

      22 Januari
      Madu yang sering disebut sebagai keajaiban kecantikan dengan penggunaan perawatan kulit sangat indah, terutama keindahan wajah, membuat kulit Anda putih dan mulus dengan kulit cerah untuk menarik pandangan pria. Dan inilah beberapa saran bagus untuk Anda, coba baca dan praktekan.

      5 Cara Membuat Madu untuk perawatan kecantikan

      Madu adalah sumber madu yang baik, yang mengandung vitamin A, E, C dan B (B1, B2, B5, B6, B7, B9) dan banyak mineral penting. besi, kalsium, seng, yodium, magnesium. Zat ini baik untuk kulit, rambut dan kesehatan.

      5 Cara Membuat Madu untuk perawatan kecantikan
      1. Buat masker madu dan kunyit

      Ambil 1 sendok teh bubuk kunyit yang dicampur dengan 1 sendok makan madu murni. Campur dengan baik sampai madu dan kunyit tercampur rata, Anda memiliki masker kulit yang sangat efektif.

      Terakhir, cukup oleskan campuran yang baru saja dibuat di wajah (Perhatikan bahwa Anda mencuci muka sebelum menggunakan masker). Diamkan dalam waktu 15 - 20 menit lalu cuci muka dengan air.

      Dengan cara ini kulit Anda akan lebih putih dan lebih cerah. Lakukan 2-3 kali seminggu.

      2. Cara membuat masker madu dan Alpukat

      Dengan kombinasi madu, alpukat dan vitamin E, kulit Anda akan cerah dan halus serta dapat menghilangkan keriput dan bercak hitam setelah menggunakan masker madu dan alpukat. .

      Cara melakukannya dengan sederhana: Pertama Anda ½ buah alpukat dan menggilingnya (Jika Anda tidak memiliki penggiling Anda bisa menggunakan penggilingan manual), lalu campurkan alpukat dengan dengan 2 sendok makan madu. Oleskan campuran yang baru saja dibuat di wajah selama 15 menit dan terakhir bilas dengan air hangat.

      3. Cara membuat masker madu dan yogurt

      Dalam yoghurt ada banyak zat yang baik untuk kulit, jadi sebaiknya Anda menggabungkan madu dengan yogurt untuk menciptakan masker kulit yang sederhana namun efektif.

      Ikuti petunjuk di bawah ini: Ambil 2 sendok makan madu dan tambahkan 2 sendok makan yogurt. Selanjutnya gunakan campuran di wajah selama 15 menit lalu bilas dengan air hangat dan keringkan.

      Ini adalah perawatan sederhana seperti madu, tapi ini tidak hanya memutihkan kulit tapi juga memberi kelembaban optimal pada kulit, mencegah keriput, menghaluskan kulit dan mencerahkan kulit secara efektif.

      4. Masker Madu dan tomat

      Tomat adalah makanan sehari-hari yang digunakan untuk memasak, selain itu dikombinasikan dengan madu untuk dijadikan masker.

      Pertama ggiling tomat (jika Anda tidak memiliki penggiling Anda bisa memotongnya dan kemudian haluskan), lalu campurkan dengan 1 sendok makan madu. Oleskan campuran ke permukaan kulit selama 15-20 menit lalu bilas dengan air dingin. Melakukan metode ini akan membantu mengencangkan pori-pori dan membuat kulit Anda lebih halus.

      Perhatikan, metode di atas anda harus menggunakan 2-3 kali / minggu untuk mencapai efisiensi tertinggi.

      5. Cara membuat masker rambut cantik dengan madu
      Madu bukan hanya obat untuk kulit, tapi juga produk perawatan rambut yang baik. Berikut adalah aplikasi perawatan kecantikan rambut menggunakan madu.
      • Melembabkan rambut
      Dengan cara ini Anda hanya perlu menyiapkan 125 ml madu murni, 60ml minyak zaitun, 4 tetes rosemary.

      Ikuti instruksi berikut ini: Pertama, panaskan minyak zaitun dan aduk bahan yang disiapkan satu sama lain. Kemudian oleskan pada rambut, pijat di kulit kepala sekitar 3-5 menit lalu gunakan handuk lembut untuk menutupi kepala, diamkan dalam 30 menit kemudian bersihkan.

      Sangat sederhana kan? Cara ini memastikan rambut Anda halus dan tidak kering dan pecah.
      • Mengatasi kerusakan rambut Anda
      Kehidupan modern, teknologi pengembangan manusia secara bertahap menciptakan alat yang membantu membentuk model rambut. Tren pemodelan rambut seperti dicat, dikritingkan, dan diluruskan dan jika rambut yang tidak dirawat dengan baik akan menyebabkan kerusakan, lemah, pecah menyebabkan rambut rontok. Untuk membuat gaya rambut bagus dan memiliki rambut kuat menggunakan madu silahkan simak tipsnya di bawah ini.

      Persiapan: Daun lidah buaya, madu, minyak jarak.

      Cara melakukannya sederhana: Campurkan daun lidah buaya dengan 2 sendok makan madu dan beberapa tetes minyak jarak dan kemudian oleskan ke rambut selama 40 menit lalu cuci dengan air dingin. Pastikan rambut Anda menjadi sehat dan menakjubkan.

      Selain mempercantik madu juga baik untuk kesehatan, cukup minum beberapa madu dicampur air hangat (sekitar 40 derajat) di pagi hari akan baik untuk perut Anda.

      4 Langkah menggunakan krim pengelupasan kulit mati untuk bibir

      21 Januari
      Udara kering membuat bibir Anda kasar, pecah-pecah dan tidak nyaman? Riasan sering membuat bibir Anda kehilangan warna alami yang melekat? Atau hanya menginginkan bibir yang lembut dan segar? Lalu krim kulit mati adalah pilihan terbaik untuk Anda saat ini.

      4 Langkah menggunakan krim pengelupasan kulit mati untuk bibir

      Alih-alih menghabiskan banyak uang untuk membeli krim perawatan kulit mahal, mengapa tidak mencoba sendiri di rumah, dengan bahan sederhana?

      Baca Juga - 2 Cara membuat gel lidah buaya untuk perawatan kecantikan dan kesehatan

      Hanya dalam 10 menit, Anda akan memiliki campuran krim kulit mati untuk kehidupan yang mulus dan kaya.

      Langkah 1: Siapkan materi

      Yang Anda butuhkan hanyalah gula, lemon dan madu dalam rasio 1: 1: 0.5

      Anda bisa mencampurnya dengan jumlah yang Anda inginkan, tapi krim buatan sendiri bekerja paling baik selama satu minggu saat disimpan di kulkas. Idealnya, Anda hanya harus melakukan jumlah kecil selama 3-4 hari.

      Catatan: Gula putih memiliki butiran yang lebih kecil, jadi jika Anda memiliki kulit sensitif, ini akan menjadi pilihan tepat untuk Anda.

      Gula, madu dan lemon merupakan bahan utama yang membuat lipstik exfoliating sempurna

      Langkah 2: Anda bisa menggunakan sendok kecil untuk mencampur gula dan madu disiapkan sampai ada campuran yang cukup.

      Langkah 3: Meskipun Anda bisa menambahkan lemon segera, tapi untuk menggunakan krim kulit mati terpanjang, sebaiknya Anda hanya menambahkan lemon setiap kali Anda mulai menggunakannya. Ambil satu sendok teh campuran, peras sepotong lemon dan gunakan sikat tua, sikat make up atau jari untuk lembut menerapkan campuran ke bibir.

      Lanjutkan memijat bibir Anda dalam lingkaran sampai Anda merasa bibir melembut. Biarkan campuran selama 3 menit. Pijatan dapat membantu bibir menyerap nutrisi dalam campuran.

      Langkah 4: Bilas dengan air suam-suam kuku. Pada titik ini, Anda merasakan perbedaannya, dengan bibir yang lembut dan halus serta penuh vitalitas.

      Gula menghilangkan sel kulit mati, jus lemon membawa segar, bibir segar, dan madu bertindak sebagai bakterisida dan membersihkan kulit sambil memberikan nutrisi ke bibir Anda. .

      Seperti semua masker wajah atau krim pengelupas lainnya, lip balm hanya boleh digunakan seminggu sekali untuk kulit sensitif, dan 2-3 kali per minggu untuk kulit normal.

      Anda dapat secara fleksibel mengganti formula dengan bahan lain yang tersedia:
      • Gula, jus jeruk, minyak zaitun: Jus jeruk bali adalah antioksidan alami, yang membantu melindungi bibir bibir yang lembut.
      • Gula, Vaseline: Anda bisa memanfaatkan lip balm Vaseline yang Anda gunakan setiap hari.
      • Gula, minyak kelapa, madu: jika Anda memiliki sebotol minyak kelapa di rumah, mengapa tidak mengambil keuntungan untuk melakukan campuran pengelupasan kulit untuk bibir.
      • Gula, minyak zaitun / jojoba, lemon: Seperti madu, minyak zaitun atau minyak jojoba memberi banyak nutrisi, membantu bibir tetap sehat dan segar.

      Saat ini, make up telah menjadi bagian tak terpisahkan dari wanita, namun jika hanya fokus pada make up dan lupa merawat keindahan alam dari bibir, maka sia-sia juga penggunaan makeup Anda. Dengan campuran pengelupasan kulit untuk bibir, bibir Anda akan menjadi lebih sehat, alami dan penuh dengan vitalitas.

      4 How to make Aloe Vera masks easily

      20 Januari
      The fact is that aloe vera is a plant that is very useful for treating or improving the beauty of the body including skin and hair. There are many ways that you can apply to applying a recipe for beauty treatments using aloe vera and aloe vera mask is one of the best ways to absorb the magic essence of aloe vera gel for beauty care.

      This article will focus on 4 ways to make an aloe mask, detailing every step you take, the ingredients needed to support you, teaching you how to use aloe vera effectively. So you won't have any difficulty doing it, so don't just read, try practicing yourself to enjoy the real results.

      4 Cara membuat masker lidah buaya dengan mudah

      4 How to make a Aloe Vera mask

      Many women have applied aloe vera masks and obtained good results to treat acne. However, acne treatment is only one of the enormous benefits of aloe vera.

      Each of the following aloe vera combinations provides different effects or benefits that suit you. Before discussing in detail, one of the main ingredients in all formulas is aloe vera gel. You can easily take the aloe vera gel from the leaves with just a small knife. And if you want to know more details, see the article below.

      Now, start with the first mask:

      1. How to make a aloe vera mask and lemon juice for your skin and hair

      Both lemon and aloe vera are effective in reducing dark pigmentation to give a smooth and smooth facial skin effect. This means that if your face has black spots, this formula will solve the problem.

      In addition, this mixture is also effective in healing stretch marks, healing acne or scar tissue caused by acne. When applied to hair, this formula also reduces oil on the scalp, reduces dandruff effectively, prevents hair loss and accelerates hair growth.

      • Gel from aloe vera leaves.
      • Half a lemon squeezes the juice.
      • You will need a vitamin drink or at least egg beaters.

      How to make:
      • Simply put, mix all ingredients.
      • Mix well for 1 minute.
      • Pour the mixture into a bowl.

      utilization :

      There are two ways to use this formula, the method works for hair and skin and of course you can do both.

      Hair: Apply mixture, massage to hair and massage gently. To treat dandruff, you also have to rub it on the scalp. After 20 minutes, wash with water or some natural shampoo.

      Aloe vera mask: Used as a normal facial mask, massaging the entire facial skin including the neck area. Hold for about 15 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

      The formula must be applied once a day for the first 2 months. Until facial skin improves significantly because it reduces the intensity of use around 4 times per month and stays organized.

      If applied to hair, don't use it often because lemon can cause hair loss. Use only about once a week for your hair or if you want to get faster you can replace lemon with honey and use it every day.

      Many friends ask whether this mask causes skin to get sunburn easily? The answer is no, if you use this method it will bring a good sunscreen effect. However, you should not come into direct contact with sunlight to avoid other skin problems.

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      2. How to make aloe vera masks and honey

      Aloe vera and honey, this beautiful combination also has many effects including skin and hair. Here, I will guide you two ways to make honey masks - for hair, for skin.

      As mentioned above, you can replace lemon with honey and apply it to treat your hair more often.

      The formula is :
      • 60 ml aloe vera gel (1/4 cup)
      • 2 tablespoons of honey (about 30 ml)

      Do it as you did in method 1, just put all the ingredients into a bowl and stir for 1 minute, then massage your hair and scalp for 20 minutes then shampoo with natural shampoo.

      Honey mask and aloe vera for skin:

      This formula cleanses oily skin when treating acne well.

      • 1 whole aloe leaf.
      • 1 tablespoon of pure honey.
      How to make :
      • Boil aloe vera leaves in clean water, then select and drain.
      • put the gel into the blender to mash, then pour the bowl clean.
      • Add honey to the bowl and mix well until the mixture turns into good glue and thickness.
      • Now, apply the mixture to your face, let stand for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water.
      • Use this recipe every day, preferably before going to bed or after waking up in the morning.
      • Maintain regularity for 2 months then reduce the intensity to once a week.
      3. How to make a yogurt mask and aloe vera to treat acne

      Yogurt contains many fermented bacteria known as special organic antibiotics. If you need something clean on your face, yogurt will be the best choice.

      In addition, certain acids, especially lactic acid, in yogurt also help tighten pores, soothe skin pigmentation to help you get soft and smooth skin.

      For skin care, yogurt also contains vitamins and minerals needed for skin health. They include vitamins A, B1, B2, E, which help prevent dryness, horny pigmentation, prevention of hyperpigmentation or general symptoms of aging.

      Yogurt pasta is very easy to make, basically not much different from the combination of aloe and lemon masks or aloe vera with honey.

      Material :
      • Take some aloe leaves.
      • Yogurt 1 tablespoon (15 ml)
      How to make:

      Put all ingredients into a bowl, mix well for 1 minute and massage the face. Gently massage for 3 minutes, let stand on the skin for 20 minutes before rinsing with clean water.

      You can use this formula every day, before going to bed. Maintain regularity for 2 months, then drop once a week and stay like that.

      4. How to make aloe vera masks and rice water

      Rice washing water is widely used by many women to wash their face every day with the desire to make their skin brighter.

      This is truly a scientific basis, a recent study in Japan has shown that the composition of rice contains vitamins B1, B2, E, proteins, lipids, glucose, enzymes and monounsaturated fatty acids.

      This ingredient helps protect the skin from UVA rays, UVB rays (sunlight) - the main cause of skin cancer, black spots or rough skin.

      Rice bran oil - a very special oil and almost only found in rice or rice products. This oil is very effective in preventing oxidation, preventing melasma and spots or symptoms of aging, while helping restore skin pigmentation and whitening your skin in a positive way.

      Of course, aloe vera combined with rice water will increase efficiency many times.

      Material :
      • One cup of rice washing water (concentrate) - You can use normal rice water, to let it stand then take the used water from the bottom of the laundry.
      • A cup of aloe vera gel.

      How to use :
      • Mix well for 1 minute.
      • Rinse your face thoroughly before applying the liquid mixture to the entire skin.
      • Remember to rub your neck.
      • Let stand for 20 minutes before rinsing with clean water.
      • Maintained once a day for 2 months. Then apply whenever you want, but remember at least once a week.

      That's the 4 ways to make the most popular aloe vera mask. You must follow the instructions correctly, so you can enjoy the amazing effects that Aloe vera has.

      3 Step Membuat minyak pijat dan relaksasi sendiri di rumah

      20 Januari
      Minyak pijat tidak hanya memberi Anda kulit halus dan segar, tapi juga membantu untuk rileks dan membantu memperlancar sirkulasi darah. Yang lebih menakjubkan adalah bahwa setelah hari penuh tekanan dan melelahkan, tubuh akan rileks dengan aroma minyak esensial dan menikmati sensasi relaksasi dari ujung rambut sampai ujung kaki.

      Ada banyak jenis minyak esensial di pasaran, namun membuat minyak esensial khusus dengan keharuman Anda sendiri akan menjadi pengalaman yang sangat menyenangkan. Setiap orang memiliki selera aroma yang berbeda, jadi tidak semua resep berikut cocok untuk semua orang.
      Jadilah kreatif dengan langkah kecil. Sebelum mencampur minyak baru menjadi campuran, cobalan setetes pada kain lembut sehingga Anda dapat memvisualisasikan produk akhir.

      Baca Juga - 3 Cara membuat minyak kelapa murni dengan mudah

      Salah satu prasyarat untuk membuat minyak esensial adalah Anda harus membuat dengan lembut minyak esensial Anda. Pengadukan dengan mudah akan menghancurkan kombinasi efek minyak esensial dari minyak atsiri.
      3 Step Membuat minyak pijat dan relaksasi sendiri di rumah

      Saat membuat minyak alami, porselen atau barang pecah belah selalu dianjurkan. Alat plastik juga bisa digunakan, tapi jangan sampai terpapar logam selama proses persiapan.

      3 langkah membuat minyak pijat sendiri di rumah

      Langkah 1: Pilih base oil

      Memilih "foundation oil" adalah langkah awal pembuatan minyak esensial. Basis minyak menempati sebagian besar massa produk akhir, dan diekstraksi dari berbagai jenis tanaman.

      Berikut adalah beberapa saran untuk Anda:

      • Minyak Almond: Kaya akan asam lemak, vitamin A dan E, minyak almond memiliki efek pelembab yang baik. Meski bisa digunakan pada semua jenis kulit, minyak almond paling cocok untuk kulit kering dan sensitif.
      • Minyak Biji Anggur: Dengan kecerahan yang konsisten, hanya sedikit yang menenangkan, minyak biji anggur memberikan relaksasi yang lembut, dan merupakan minyak yang tidak asing bagi terapis pijat.
      • Minyak jojoba: Bukan minyak esensial, tapi cairan lilin, minyak jojoba juga melembabkan dan mengembalikan semua jenis kulit. Seperti halnya minyak biji anggur, minyak jojoba tidak diekstraksi langsung dari biji, sehingga sangat cocok untuk kulit sensitif.
      • Apricot Oil: Banyak ahli yang dipuji karena kesesuaian dan teksturnya, minyak aprikot tidak melumasi kulit. Sama seperti minyak jojoba, Anda bisa menyimpannya dalam jangka waktu lama tanpa khawatir dengan kerusakan yang terjadi.
      • Minyak Pepaya: Ini adalah minyak dasar yang sesuai untuk kulit wanita berusia 30-an. Minyak Pepaya memberikan kelembaban dan nutrisi dan mengembalikan kulit yang rusak akibat sinar matahari.

      Langkah 2: Pilih minyak esensial murni untuk digabungkan dengan minyak dasar

      • Minyak atsiri adalah yang paling penting, dan setiap kali kita mencampur beberapa tetes minyak esensial. Karena mudah rusak oleh suhu tinggi atau cahaya yang kuat, minyak esensial harus disimpan dalam stoples kaca, di tempat yang kering dan sejuk.
      • Ada banyak jenis minyak esensial yang ada saat ini, masing-masing dengan keindahan dan manfaat terapeutiknya. Berikut ini adalah minyak biasa:
      • Minyak Esensial Rosehip: Memiliki efek anti keriput, membuat kulit menjadi lembab, bergizi dan terlindungi.
      • Menthol: Mengurangi pikiran, mengurangi sakit kepala, antiinflamasi sangat efektif, membantu sirkulasi darah, mengurangi rasa sakit, mengurangi hidung tersumbat, membantu pencernaan dengan baik.
      • Minyak Esensial Jasmine: Feminin, manis, murni, membantu tidur nyenyak dan enak. Demi semangat kesadaran. Merangsang perasaan pasangan yang penuh kasih. Sangat baik untuk menyembuhkan pilek.
      • Minyak esensial Lavender: Efektif dalam mengobati jerawat, menyeimbangkan kulit, tidur nyenyak, mengurangi rasa sakit minyak, mengurangi tekanan darah, rematik dan kram.
      • Minyak esensial kunyit: Mencegah terbentuknya keriput, pigmentasi, kulit halus muda. Penyembuhan dan perbaikan kulit yang rusak.
      • Minyak esensial cendana: Efek hangat dan pelembab yang memberi kelembaban pada kulit kering, menenangkan pikiran dan membersihkan pikiran, mendetoksifikasi tubuh.

      Langkah 3: Buatlah minyak

      Untuk mempersiapkan minyak dengan benar, Anda harus terlebih dahulu mengetahui rasio konversi minyak dengan mudah menggunakan formula kaya di jaringan (1ml = 20 tetes attar murni, 1 sendok teh = 5ml, 1 oz = 30ml).

      Untuk mulai dengan, Anda harus menggunakan rumus 2%, yaitu attar murni 2% dalam campuran. Misalnya, dengan 30ml minyak dasar (600 tetes minyak esensial) Anda bisa menambahkan 12 tetes attar murni. Dan pilihlah aroma tergantung selera anda.

      Minyak pijat dibagi menjadi aroma utama: aroma bunga, aroma jeruk, aroma kayu, aroma bunga, dan aroma pedas. Minyak yang sama sering dikombinasikan untuk menghasilkan aroma yang paling serasi. Bagi pemula, wangi selalu menjadi pilihan yang tepat. Berikut adalah beberapa saran untuk Anda:

      • Aroma bunga: minyak dasar 20ml, 3 tetes minyak esensial mawar, 3 tetes minyak esensial melati dan 3 tetes kelopak mawar.
      • Aroma pedas: minyak dasar 20ml, 4 tetes minyak esensial kayu cendana, 3 tetes minyak esensial kayu manis dan 3 tetes minyak peppermint.
      • Aroma jeruk : minyak dasar 20ml, 3 tetes minyak grapefruit, 4 tetes minyak jeruk, 3 tetes minyak sitrus.
      • Aroma Kayu: 20ml minyak dasar, 4 tetes cendana, 4 tetes rosewood, 2 tetes minyak esensial melati.
      • Aroma hangat pedas untuk menyegarkan semangat: Kayu manis, jeruk, minyak cendana, pala, kemangi
      • 5-6 tetes minyak kayu manis - aroma kayu manis yang hangat membuat rasa senang, membantu semangat menyegarkan, sekaligus memiliki bakteri dan memperlambat proses penuaan.
      • 14-16 tetes minyak jeruk - aroma jeruk memberi perasaan segar dan ceria.
      • 3-4 tetes minyak esensial kemangi - membangkitkan indra dan menenangkan luka.
      • 3-4 tetes minyak pala - Minyak esensial ini digunakan untuk memberi energi pada tubuh dan 
      • pikiran, sekaligus mengurangi stres, membuat perasaan rileks dan menyenangkan.
      • Minyak dasar  2%

      Minyak esensial untuk membantu tidur nyenyak:

      Minyak esensial ini dibuat untuk membantu Anda tidur lebih nyenyak. Pijat lembut ke pelipis, di belakang telinga, pergelangan tangan dan telapak kaki 10 menit sebelum tidur.

      • 1-2 tetes minyak esensial jeruk - Perawatan kulit segar, santai dan bahkan efektif.
      • 12-14 tetes minyak esensial lavender - Lavender, yang dikenal dengan aroma sensualnya,minyak esensial lavender bertindak sebagai detoksifikasi alami.
      • 6-7 tetes minyak esensial lavender - Ini adalah keajaiban menyembuhkan insomnia, membantu mengurangi stres dan tekanan darah.
      • 3-4 tetes minyak esensial kayu cendana - Moisturizing, detoxifying and effective nasal
      • 2-3 tetes minyak esensial mawar - Buat harmoni aroma minyak esensial.
      • Minyak dasar 2%

      Setelah mencampur, masukkan setiap minyak ke dalam toples dan simpan di tempat yang sejuk. Campuran minyak esensial dapat digunakan dalam 3-6 bulan.

      2 Cara membuat gel lidah buaya untuk perawatan kecantikan dan kesehatan

      19 Januari
      Jika Anda sering melakukan perawatan kecantikan, Anda pasti tidak asing dengan lidah buaya.Tapi Anda tidak tahu bagaimana menggunakan lidah buaya untuk perawatan kecantikan dengan cara yang paling efektif? Bahkan, sampai 80% anak perempuan bertanya tentang bagaimana menggunakan lidah buaya untuk masking atau penggunaan langsung.

      Baca Juga - 3 Cara membuat minyak kelapa murni dengan mudah

      Dan hanya sedikit yang sadar akan metode kecantikan dengan jalan melalui lambung atau perut. Semoga melalui panduan ini, kita akan memiliki perspektif dan persepsi yang berbeda tentang penggunaan lidah buaya.
      2 Cara membuat gel lidah buaya untuk perawatan kecantikan dan kesehatan

      Cara termudah untuk membuat minuman gel lidah buaya

      • Bahan untuk metode ini meliputi 500g lidah buaya, 200g tawas gula, dan 500 ml air.
      • Pertama, bersihkan lidah buaya, potong-potong dan rendam dalam air garam selama 5 menit. Dilanjutkan dengan memilah, membilas dengan air dingin dan tiriskan.
      • Masak gula dengan air agar larut, aduk dan masak selama sekitar 5 menit.
      • Direbus dan disajikan dengan es batu Anda akan menikmati minuman lidah buaya yang lezat.

      Cara berikut ini sedikit lebih rumit

      Sebenarnya, Anda bisa mencairkan campuran lidah buaya dan gunakan sebagai minuman untuk meningkatkan kesehatan, dan meningkatkan kecantikan.

      Cara membuatnya:

      • Pertama, Anda perlu menyiapkan daun lidah buaya segar dan ambil daging atau gel, dengan mengupas kulit terluar.
      • Setelah selesai, rendam daging lidah buaya di air garam selama 15 sampai 20 menit dan bilas dengan air biasa, biarkan kering.
      • Selanjutnya menggiling lidah buaya, tapi tidak digiling terlalu halus untuk memastikan masih ada lidah buaya kecil-kecil. Selanjutnya, siapkan panci air untuk merebus gel lidah buaya sebanyak 5 liter dengan ditambah 1 liter air. 
      • Kemudian, masukkan sedikit gula ke dalam panci air dan rebus. Saat air mendidih dan gula larut, masukan gel lidah buaya ke panci sampai air mendidih lagi.
      • Terakhir, matikan kompor dan biarkan dingin secara bertahap.

      Catatan penting

      Cara membuat minuman gel lidah buaya sangat sederhana. Tapi jangan terburu-buru melakukannya sekarang, silahkan lihat beberapa catatan penting di bawah ini.

      Lidah buaya tidak boleh digunakan saat hamil dan menyusui, pasien diabetes yang menjalani perawatan, wasir, orang dengan penyakit ginjal, operasi, dan orang lanjut usia. .

      • Bagi wanita hamil dan menyusui, lidah buaya dapat menyebabkan efek janin selama kehamilan dan menyusui melalui ASI. Karena itu, saat Anda sedang hamil dan menyusui, Anda harus mencari saran dari spesialis untuk penggunaan lidah buaya.
      • Selain itu, pasien diabetes pada pengobatan harus memantau glukosa darah lebih dekat untuk mencegah hiperglikemia, denyut jantung cepat, berkeringat, palpitasi, menggigil Jika lebih berat, bisa menyebabkan penurunan konsentrasi, kebingungan, dll, karena pengaruh lidah buaya.
      • Orang dengan wasir dapat membuat penyakit ini lebih buruk karena yang mengandung lidah buaya akan menyebabkan iritasi pada kolon
      • Bagi penderita penyakit ginjal sebaiknya tidak minum dosis tinggi atau berkepanjangan karena beberapa senyawa dalam akumulasi resin akan menyebabkan gagal ginjal.
      • Selain itu, berhentilah menggunakan alkohol setidaknya dua minggu sebelum operasi.
      • Pada saat bersamaan, waspadai obat pencahar, menyebabkan diare dan mengurangi ion potassium dalam tubuh, sehingga menyebabkan efek samping obat meningkat. Oleh karena itu, penggunaan obat digoxin untuk gagal jantung, diuretik, antikoagulan, anti aritmia.
      • Pasien lansia dengan pruritus, tidak menggunakan lidah buaya. Selain itu, gula tawas juga disolder, jadi hindari menggunakan lidah buaya dan lidah buaya karena mudah mempengaruhi benda.
      Sekarang, jika Anda tidak memiliki hal yang disebutkan di atas, Anda bisa menggunakan lidah buaya untuk dikonsumsi agar dapat merawat kecantikan dan kesehatan Anda setiap hari.

      3 Cara membuat minyak kelapa murni dengan mudah

      19 Januari
      Minyak kelapa memiliki banyak kegunaan untuk kesehatan dan bisa digunakan dalam banyak hal seperti memasak atau perawatan kulit dan rambut. Dibandingkan dengan jenis minyak kelapa lainnya, minyak kelapa murni terbuat dari bahan baku alami, tidak dicampur dengan bahan kimia dan dengan kualitas terbaik.
      3 Cara membuat minyak kelapa murni dengan mudah
      Artikel di bawah ini akan memandu Anda bagaimana membuat minyak kelapa murni di rumah dengan metode penggilingan, metode pendinginan dan metode perebusan di bawah ini.

      Baca Juga - 5 Makanan Yang Bisa Melawan Efek Buruk Polusi 

      1. Buat minyak kelapa dengan metode beku

      • Kupas kelapa dengan pisau. Sebaiknya pilih kelapa tua bukan kelapa muda untuk membuat minyak kelapa.
      • Tuangkan airnya. Gunakan pisau tajam atau sendok keras untuk mengambil daging kelapa.
      • Potong kelapa menjadi potongan kecil
      • Tempatkan potongan kelapa yang diiris ke dalam penggilingan.
      • Giling pada tingkat sedang sampai kelapa dipecah menjadi beberapa bagian. Tambahkan beberapa air agar proses penggilingan lebih mudah.
      • Saring air kelapa, gunakan kain untuk meremas kelapa yang sudah dihaluskan untuk mendapatkan santannya.
      • Ulangi cara ini sampai keseluruhan campuran habis.
      • Tutup santan dalam wadah dan biarkan selama setidaknya 24 jam. Setelah didiamkan, air dan minyak akan terpisah, sementara campuran khusus akan membentuk lapisan atas.
      • Jika mau, Anda bisa meletakkan toples di lemari es atau di ruang pendingin agar campurannya membeku lebih cepat.
      • Buang bagian atas dengan sendok dan biarkan Minyak kelapa berada di bawah campuran.

      2. Buat minyak kelapa dengan metode penggilingan

      • Mulailah dengan kelapa kering. Beli gula kelapa kering di toko bahan makanan. Pastikan Anda membeli kelapa mentah yang tepat. Jika tidak, Anda bisa menggunakan kelapa yang baru dipotong menjadi beberapa potong dan gunakan pengering dalam waktu 24 jam.
      • Cara lain adalah dengan menggunakan oven pada suhu terendah, masukkan nasi ke dalam potongan kecil di atas panggangan dan panggang pada suhu rendah paling sedikit 8 jam atau sampai kelapa benar-benar kering.
      • Jika Anda membeli kelapa kering dari toko kelontong, pilihlah potongan kelapa bukan kelapa, karena kelapa mudah menyumbat blender.
      • Tambahkan kelapa ke blender. Menggiling sebagian kecil kelapa, karena terlalu banyak bisa menyumbat blender. Blender memisahkan minyak dan kelapa dari kelapa. Lanjutkan sampai kelapa dikeluarkan dari blender.
      • Terus prosesi kelapa. Blender tidak akan mengekstrak minyak kelapa untuk pertama kalinya, jadi perlu terus menggiling kelapa lagi untuk mendapatkan seluruh minyak.
      • Tempatkan minyak kelapa ke dalam toples dan simpan di tempat yang hangat. Tunggu sekitar 24 jam agar kelapa bisa tenang. Minyak kelapa akan naik.
      • Tempatkan minyak kelapa ke dalam wadah baru. Bila minyak dipisahkan dari inti dan beku, gunakan sendok untuk memasukkan minyak ke dalam wadah baru. Anda bisa langsung menggunakannya.

      3. Buat minyak kelapa dengan metode mendidih

      • 4 gelas air panas. Tiriskan panci dan letakkan di atas kompor. Panaskan api tinggi dan masak sampai air mulai mendidih.
      • Siapkan 2 kelapa. Kelapa tua telah berubah menjadi cokelat, bukan kelapa hijau. Potong kelapa, ambil daging kelapa ke dalam mangkuk.
      • Campur kelapa dengan air. Masukkan kelapa itu ke dalam blender. Tuangkan air panas ke dalam dan tutup blender. Pegang tutupnya dengan kuat dan putar mesin penggilingan dan air menjadi campuran yang halus.
      • Jangan terlalu panas blender. Jika blender Anda kecil, belah menjadi dua. Overloading blender dapat menyebabkan tutupnya keluar.

      Penyebab Perut Terasa Sakit Setelah Makan

      03 Januari
      Biasanya orang merasa sakit perut karena belum makan, sebab terjadinya gesekan terhadap dinding lambung yang membuat perut terasa sakit karena tidak adanya asupan makanan di dalamnya. Tapi kalau setelah makan malah perut terasa sakit. Apa saja penyebabnya?

      Penyebab Perut Terasa Sakit Setelah Makan
      Para ahli kesehatan berkata bahwa seseorang yang mengalami hal semacam itu karena bisa jadi dirinya mengalami gangguan pada pencernaannya atau bisa disebut dyspepsia. dyspepsia ini bisa menyebabkan kembung, mual, sakit perut dan perasaan perut penuh sesudah makan.

      Baca Juga - Cara Membuat Minuman Kopi Lebih Sehat 

      Selain adanya gangguan di atas, maka penyebab lain kalau kamu merasa sakit perut sesudah makan, yaitu:

      Gastroesophageal reflux disease

      Apabila asam lambung pada perut kamu mengiritasi lapisan kerongkongan kemudian timbulnya rasa sakit maag. Hal ini disebabkan seringnya kamu mengonsumsi makanan yang pedas secara berlebihan, sehingga kamu mengalami masalah ini.

      Irritable bowel syndrome

      Masalah semacam ini yaitu adanya iritasi pada bagian usus besar kamu yang menyebabkan rasa sakit perut, diare sampai konstipasi. Saat perut sudah diisi makanan maka gangguan ini akan membuat perutmu terasa sakit.

      Penyakit celiac
      Penyakit ini bisa membuat usus kecil kamu mengalami peradangan karena seringnya mengonsumsi makanan yang mengandung gluten yang tinggi.

      Makanya kawanku, jika kamu suka merasa sakit perut setelah makan, maka bisa jadi penyebabnya adalah berbagai faktor yang saya sebutkan diatas. Sekian artikel kesehatan saya kali ini yang berjudul Penyebab Perut Terasa Sakit Setelah Makan yang saya harapkan bisa membuat kamu lebih memperhatikan kesehatan diri kamu sendiri.

      Mengapa Mengurangi Mengonsumsi Gula Dapat Mencegah Jerawat Muncul?

      03 Januari
      Jerawat yang merupakan salah satu penyakit yang menyebalkan dan perlu untuk dibuang jauh-jauh. Jerawat yang muncul bisa merusak penampilan kamu setiap harinya dan menurunkan kepercayaan diri kamu saat sedang beraktivitas di luar rumah. Tentu saja kamu merasa jengkel kalau jerawat secara tiba-tiba muncul di wajah kamu?

      Mengapa Mengurangi Mengonsumsi Gula Dapat Mencegah Jerawat Muncul?
      Kebanyakan jerawat muncul karena kamu jarang membersihkan wajah kamu, tetapi ada juga penyebab lain yang membuat jerawat muncul pada wajah kamu yaitu kamu mungkin saja suka mengonsumsi makanan yang tinggi akan lemak, minyak dan mengandung kadar gula berlebihan.

      Baca Juga - Cara menghilangkan Bekas Jerawat dengan bahan alami

      Para ahli berkata bahwa orang yang suka mengonsumsi kadar gula yang tinggi, maka nantinya kalenjar sebasea akan aktif dan menghasilkan banyak sekali sebum, lalu pori-pori wajah kamu akan tersumbat. Akhirnya kotoran menjadi terperangkap sehingga munculnya penyakit jerawat.

      Inilah yang menyebabkan jika kamu kelebihan mengonsumsi gula secara berlebihan, maka bisa membuat wajah kamu semakin ditumbuhi oleh banyak jerawat. Jadi solusi terbaik bagi kamu adalah kurangi mengonsumsi makanan yang mengandung kadar gula yang tinggi dan jaga selalu kebersihan wajah kamu agar jerawat tidak mau menempel pada wajah kamu.

      Sudah banyak bukti yang menunjukan bahwa kadar gula yang tinggi memang menjadi penyebab lain, jika diri seseorang bisa terserang jerawat.

      Oke kawanku, jadi sekian dahulu artikel saya berjudul Mengapa Mengurangi Mengonsumsi Gula Dapat Mencegah Jerawat Muncul? yang semoga memberikan manfaat bagus untuk kesehatan kamu.